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Urban Infrastructure Group, Inc. (UIG) is a Hidalgo County based engineering and design consulting firm focused on meeting the goals of improving failing infrastructure and planning future development. We work with county and municipal planners, school districts, utility providers, as well as residential and commercial developers for the design and construction of infrastructure and building projects.

UIG uses the latest technology and best management practices (BMP’s) to provide sustainable engineering solutions. New infrastructure is not sustainable if it has a negative environmental impact. In regards to current regulations, design knowledge, and design experience we are the leaders in the RGV in designing Low Impact Development (LID) measures.

UIG approaches each project with a comprehensive method to understand today’s needs while looking ahead to the challenges in the years to come. We provide engineering consulting services from planning and permitting through design and construction. During the course of a project we insure the project remains in compliance with all local, State, and federal regulations.

UIG also offers building and landscape design services with an emphasis on green and sustainable construction methods and materials. At UIG we believe that buildings and landscapes should be designed to be regionally appropriate aesthetically and produce a solution that maximizes energy efficiency based on the site and local climate.


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